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Adventures in Literacy Across Shelby County

Updated: Apr 24

Meet Amir and Zuri, twin second graders who just moved to Shelby County. Follow their adventures as they ride, bounce, and jook around their new hometown. Plus, learn fun things to do and interesting facts about the largest county in Tennessee.

Thank you Shelby County Goverment for allowing Reading Mrs. Richardson to serve as the official editor of the book!

It was an honor to be apart of this vibrant book for families across the Mid-South!

In an inspiring partnership that underscores the importance of literacy and community engagement, Reading with Mrs. Richardson, along with other nonprofits, joined forces with Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris and the Office of Innovation to create a captivating children's book for the youth of Memphis. This groundbreaking initiative marks the first time that the county has ventured into children's literature, The result is a delightful literary journey that features more than 50 local attractions, providing young readers with an engaging and educational experience..

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