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From Journalist to Educator

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When I decided to leave television, I knew I wanted to continue my love of authentic storytelling. I was so fortunate to be able to do just that as an educator. With no previous classroom experience, I managed to become a Level 5 teacher. The highest award given to a teacher by the state for student achievement and growth.

It's because of these babies, that I was so successful. We taught each other. In 2023, they will graduate and become young adults in society. I know I made an impact on them...they remind me often. It's been 7 years since I first entered this new space and I'm forever grateful that our paths crossed in life!

These images are so special to me because they represent something that didn't exist. These photos were from presentations each student did to share a story of someone they admired that was African-American. The approach was different from most similar projects because they were asked to become their idols and speak from the heart. They nailed it! We spent weeks learning stories they'd never heard before including Emmett Till. The reflective writing and conversations we shared are some I'll never forget. It's amazing to hear the perspective of young people on history and how it impacts them now.

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