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Giving Camp Gave Me LIFE!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

#GiveCampMemphis was AWESOME! I am truly grateful for what this organization offers.

Left to Right: Storm O'Bryant, Andrea Churchville, Tasmia Noor, Carla Fields-Richardson, and JC Smiley.

#GiveCampMemphis connects volunteers with nonprofits to offer tech services free of charge. This allows organizations o focus on their mission.

I learned about the program through another nonprofit I volunteer with, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Ministry. Once the application opened in the fall of 2022, I applied and was selected as one of 14 organizations to receive support. YAY!

We were asked to create a list of needs. My list was long, and my team KILLED it! I had to narrow the list down!

We were together for an entire weekend and invested more than 30 hours. Friday night, each nonprofit pitched its mission and what it needed help with. Once done, volunteers offered services to organizations they saw as a great fit. I was blessed with a phenomenal team - whew! They hit the ground running. I could only sit back in awe as they had "tech talk" conversations. Later, I told them I kept Googling what they were doing to avoid interrupting with questions. By the end of Friday night, they had an action plan and knew exactly where to begin.

The moment our new website went live!

Saturday morning Storm, Andrea, Tasmia, and JC delegated each responsibility and created a to-do list. The priority need was an updated website. We also needed our logo refreshed, SEO marketing, etc. I still don't know how they completed everything Saturday, but they did! We launched the new site that evening and cheered like we'd won the jackpot! We then worked to create a list of items that needed troubleshooting. We decided to stop for the night and continue Sunday, but the dream team decided to finish after dinner. I had no idea they'd be interested in my full to-do list of needs and were able to successfully get it all done with time to spare!

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to take my ideas and make them a reality. I am SO proud of our new website, content, and everything done to make this weekend smooth. It was one less thing for us to worry about!

I'm not sure if the 3rd-trimester pregnancy emotions that have me in my feelings, but I have an abundance of gratitude. This new upgrade is now a game-changer for us! People don't have to be nice to you, but I'm so happy our paths crossed.

If you're tech-savvy or interested in sharing your talents with a like-minded group of individuals that LOVE Memphis, I highly encourage you to volunteer with GiveCamp. To learn more about the program or to volunteer, click HERE.

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